October 27, 2020 2 min read

Between 10pm curfews, locklock downs and pubs and restaurants shutting you’d be forgiven for thinking our social lives as we know it are over.  And let's face it, we’ve spent that much time at home during recent months that most of us have even run out of things to watch on Netflix.  With staying ininbeing the new going outout, here we give you our best tips to create the perfect date night at home during lockdown.


Bring the pub home

There are hundreds of pub quizzes available to do online at the minute.  Why not use our range of personalised barware accessories including our copper bar caddy, cocktail muddlers and bar blades to bring the pub to your front room?  

Cheese and wine night

What’s more romantic than lighting some candles, cracking open a bottle of red and indulging in a selection of cheeses?  Make it personal with our selection of cheese boards.

Create a restaurant at home

Why not create a restaurant atmosphere at home? Set the scene with candles, gorgeous glassware and create your own menu.  Get creative in the kitchen and surprise your partner with your culinary skills!

Have a movie night 

Want to take your movie night to the next level? Create the perfect atmosphere by getting the mood lighting just right, get comfy with lots of cushions and throws and light some candles.  And don’t forget the snacks! Our storage jars are the perfect place to keep those movie night treats.

Have an at home picnic

The weather may be taking a turn for the worse but don’t let that stop you from picnicking.  Why not cover some strawberries in chocolate, pop open a bottle of fizz and set out a picnic blanket in your front room? Our personalised stainless steel personalised tumblers make the perfect addition to picnic nights.  

Enjoy an at-home spa night

Dim the lights, light some candles and put on some relaxing music to create a spa-like atmosphere.  Pour some fizz and give each other some at home spa treatments.

Bake off

Want to switch things up a little? Why not have a bake off with your partner? Both bake a sweet treat of the other's choice and… wait for the best bit… then you can sit back, relax and enjoy what you’ve each made! 

The bottom line is, even though we’re all spending more time without significant others at the moment, it’s still important to make sure you spend proper time with each other.  There are so many things you can do, from our ideas above to having a games night, a cocktail night or even playing bingo.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas of how to enjoy date nights at home.  

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