Guest Posts

Write For Us

We are always looking for new voices in the blogging world, so why not try your hand at writing some material? Write us an article and we will publish it on our website. You’ll have a chance to build up experience while also gaining more knowledge about how best produce quality content!
The opportunity is there - if you're willing enough take advantage of this golden opportunity by sending over any materials (blog posts or off site guest blogs) that meet criteria then I'm sure someone within my team can help get things going smoothly with regards getting published quickly without too much hassle In return all articles submitted must contain

What Are We Looking For In A Post?

We are looking for high quality, well researched and original content. We do not want quick posts that add little value to our readers or potential ones in the future so take a look on our blog if you're interested!

Who Can Guest Post?

Guest blogging for us doesn't have to be difficult. We'll even give the opportunity of guest posting on our site if you are in any similar spaces as well, like gaming or porn industries! Of course don't forget that this isn’t an open-door policy—we carefully choose which writers will get a chance at publishing, so please make sure your content is something we would want here first before sending anything over.

We accept guest posts around seasonal occurrences that related to our products, such as birthday, weddings or Christmas for instance. 

Blog Post Requirements

  • 600+ words
  • Must add value to the reader
  • Complementary to our website
  • pictures
All links will be do-follow with no disclosure or sponsored tags.  
Posts are considered permanent.  
We will publish your content within 2 business days from when it was sent to us.
We prefer posts to be emailed to us as a Word Document attachment.
Please email Sam at with the subject 'Guest Post Submission - Sam"