Mermaid Pink Gin 5cl

Personalised Mermaid Pink Gin 5cl

Using Strawberries from Isle of Wight's Arreton Valley, fruit that would otherwise be discarded for looks alone, our Pink Gin infuses the sweetness and aromatics of real English strawberries with the delicate yet complex flavour of our award winning Mermaid Gin with its subtle blend of foraged rock samphire, grains of paradise and lemon zest.

The result is a vibrant strawberry on the nose, subtle yet lingering strawberry undertones complemented by the natural sweetness of the ripe fruit.

Mermaid Pink is the perfect foundation for a summer fruit cup with a ginger ale or a Pink Mermaid and Tonic garnished with strawberries, fresh mint and a slice of lime.

The iconic and eye catching bottles are made from 100% natural materials, its plastic free and strong enough to be reused. The company os proactive in conservation and a circular economy and with a sustainable approach they use biodegradable materials wherever possible and are working to eliminate plastic from all packaging and supply chain. The company is passionate about making peoples lives better and takes the wellbeing of the planet into great consideration

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