Tender Leaf Toys Personalised Birds Nest Cafe

Personalised Tender Leaf Toys Birds Nest Cafe

The Bird's Nest Cafe is a charming and interactive wooden toy cafe that allows kids to pretend play as a proper barista and own their coffee shop. The cafe comes with a variety of exciting features such as a panini toaster, 5 different colored coffee pods, 2 clacking dials, a milk jug & steamer spout, 2 cups, 2 plates, 1 potholder, a knife, fork & spoon, sugar cubes in a dish and chocolate shaker, 2 coffee disks & 3 different toppings, 3 flavored teabags in fabric packs, 1 sandwich, 2 paninis, 3 pastries & 2 cupcakes, and a sheet of menu stickers.

With the Bird's Nest Cafe, children can unleash their imagination and creativity while developing important life skills such as socialization, communication, and problem-solving. The cafe is designed to encourage children to engage in role-playing activities and interact with their peers, helping them to develop their social skills and confidence.

Whether they're hosting a tea party with their friends or preparing a delicious coffee and sandwich for their parents, the Bird's Nest Cafe provides endless hours of imaginative play and fun. It's a perfect gift for children who love to play pretend and dream of owning their coffee shop someday.

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