Tender Leaf Toys Personalised Kitchenette

Personalised Tender Leaf Toys Kitchenette

Cooking on the go! A portable fold-away kitchenette with hob and clacking dial. and a pretty clock with moving hands helps teach how to tell the time. Wash it all up in the waterproof sink, with a wooden tap and pack it all away!

Children will love to pretend to cook on this lovely set, so developing fine motor skills and improving their language skills.

Set includes;

  • Foldaway kitchen
  • 2 wooden utensils
  • Fabric potholder
  • Pan to flip a pancake, strawberry and lemon slices, mint leaf
  • Honey and a chocolate pot.

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Personalise by adding name to be engraved onto the kitchen. A lovely gift fora budding mini chef. Perfect personalised gift for a special occasion.

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