November 16, 2017 2 min read

We list 5 things you should look for when buying glassware as a gift for others or yourself, that creates the full bodied drinking experience.

1 - Material

The best glassware for drinking is "crystal" glass, which refers to "lead glass". This type of glass is renowned for it's durability and decorative presence, even if it does not necessarily possess a crystalline structure. The Italian term "cristallo" was used to refer to Murano glass imitations, hence the name crystal used today.

2 - Weight

The weight of a glass depends on it's purpose, with wine, gin, prosseco and certain beer glasses lightweight and glasses such as a whiskey glass heavy (due to the thick base). The lead content within crystal is an important factor, as this makes it naturally heavier due to it's compact density meaning the overall result is a more solid feel.

3 - Thickness

Crystal glassware allows the glass to be thinner as the lead lowers the working temperature of the glass when it's being tempered, which is why they are more decorated and expensive. The Glass can be tempered for longer to sculpt a more detailed and exact shape of glass desired. 

4 - Shape

Any wine connoisseur will know there is 280 different shaped wine glasses, dependent upon the type and region of wine. This is to enhance the flavours dependent upon the structure and body of the wine - it sounds like BS but believe us it's true. Whether anyone could tell the difference between all 280 shapes is another debate. This applies to all drinks though so getting the right shaped glass for the soft drink or spirit makes all the difference. 

5 - Clarity

Crystal is known for its clarity, which is why we stock these if the type of glass allows us too. Wine drinkers especially love crystal as the wine gleams within the glass, allowing for an easier appreciation of the color and viscosity of the liquid. In gereral, the greater the clarity means the higher the lead content.

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