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The Latest Craze - Gin Balloon Glasses

The Latest Craze - Gin Balloon Glasses

November 20, 2017

As gin floods the streets of the UK, with sales in shops and supermarkets up 13% and more people drinking the stuff at home than ever before it's no surprise gin glasses are the number 1 selection at the moment. 

In the last 12 months 40 new distilleries have opened and sales are set to increase by £1.37 billion. They've become evermore adventurous with their flavourings, from herbal additions to sweeter fruits. Not just this but they mix extremely well with various complimentary garnishes such as berries, lime, rosemary and spices.

The Gin Balloon glasses sheer size and volume allow you to pack all of this flavour into one stylish glass, with a bucket full of ice. It's no wonder they're such a hit!

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